About us

Youmedical offers a wide selection of medical scrubs , lab coats and surgical caps to fit the needs of healthcare professionals. Whatever the occupation – Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Researcher, Technician or Student – Youmedical wants you to look and be your best.

Choose from a complete palette of selected colours, which will emphasize your character and uniqueness.

ALEZI is the exclusive supplier to YOUMEDICAL of top-quality medical scrubs, lab coats and surgical caps all made in EUROPE. The scrub tops and pants are of exceptional quality, made of premium fabrics such as cotton , spandex and polyester. Lab coats from ALEZI are designed to maintain a professional look even after repeated wash and wear. ALEZI’s popular collection of scrub hats are worn thousand times especially in Greece and come in unique designs and colours.

Whether it’s petite, tall, plus size or something in the middle, Youmedical has something for every body.

Do not hesitate to contact us info@youmedical.online